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SEEK Pass for business

Protecting your privacy

We’re committed to giving you visibility and control over your information and how it is used

We keep your documents safe

We want to help you put your best foot forward when you apply for a job on SEEK, the #1 job site in Australia. To do this, you may need to provide some sensitive documents and information for us to verify.However, we only ever use these documents and information for the purpose you agreed to on SEEK Pass. After all, it’s your information, so we believe you should have transparency, consent and control over how it is handled.For more detail on what we collect and why, view our Privacy statement, or if you want to know how we securely look after your information, view our security practices.

Employers on SEEK only see the verified result

When you upload your documents on SEEK Pass, they remain in the encrypted vault. We don’t share them; we only use them to verify your credential. We never pass on sensitive information such as date of birth, document numbers or images.When you give the OK, we will share only the validated result and key information with SEEK.
Find out exactly what information employers will see for each specific credential:
We’re committed to protecting your information. SEEK Pass is 100% owned by SEEK, a public company and one of Australia’s most trusted brands. SEEK Pass has been purpose-built with security in mind, so you can stand out to employers on SEEK while keeping your information safe. Find out more about SEEK’s commitment to privacy.

You’re in control of your information

If at any time you want to stop sharing the result on SEEK or with any other partner, you can update your sharing permissions. We will then remove your result and key information from the partner site.We work hard to be worthy of your trust, however, should you no longer want an account with SEEK Pass, you can choose to delete it through account settings. In that event, we will remove all of your documents and information from our systems and any partner sites, no questions asked, unless we have a legal obligation to keep it.
Have more questions? View our Privacy policy or contact us any time

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