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COVID-19 vaccination

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Why should I verify my COVID-19 vaccination status?

Workplace requirements and government mandates in Australia are rapidly evolving with many employers requesting evidence of a person’s COVID-19 vaccination status. Verifying your COVID-19 vaccination status upfront allows SEEK Pass to support your claim and assist you in providing the best first impression when applying for a job on SEEK.Verify with SEEK Pass now and showcase your COVID-19 vaccination status on your SEEK profile.
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How does it work?



Provide evidence of your credentials, which SEEK Pass then checks with the relevant authority or uses other suitable verification methods.



Once your verified result is available, you can share it on SEEK to enhance your job applications.


Stand out

If shared, employers using SEEK to manage applications will be able to see your verified credential for relevant past and future applications as a live feed.

SEEK Pass has an unique integration with Australia’s leading job site SEEK to help you stand out when applying for jobs. And thanks to SEEK, you can verify and share your credentials at no cost to you.Learn more about verifying and sharing your credentials with SEEK.

What you’ll need to verify successfully

One of the following PDF documents:
  • A valid COVID-19 Digital Certificate
  • An Immunisation History Statement with a COVID-19 vaccination
  • An Australian-issued International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

What employers will see when sharing with Seek

  • Name as displayed on the COVID-19 vaccination document
  • Vaccination status (fully or partially vaccinated)
  • Date verified with SEEK Pass
To protect your privacy, we do not share the original document, or sensitive information such as your date of birth, document number or ID photo.
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Frequently asked questions

Why should I verify?

Why am I being asked to provide my vaccination status?

Are hirers allowed to ask whether I have been vaccinated against COVID-19 as part of the application process?

Is it free to verify?

What do I need to provide?

Can I verify my status if I am partially vaccinated?

Can I use my non-Australian COVID-19 vaccination certificate?

Who can I share my result with?

How do you protect my information?

To learn more, visit our Help Centre
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