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Shortlist candidates quickly and easily

Verified credentials help you find the right candidate faster, at no extra cost

Peace of mind

Enjoy the confidence of knowing a candidate’s claims are backed up by a trusted third party

Save time

Spend less time hunting through CVs to check if a candidate’s credentials matches your needs

Privacy protected

No need to view or store private documents from candidates until you do your final checks

How does it work?

If you post ads directly on SEEK

1. Post a job ad

For your next job ad on SEEK, be sure to select the application questions that can be verified via SEEK Pass. Available credentials

2. Time to shortlist!

Look for the SEEK Pass supertick in the SEEK Ad Centre against the candidate’s application.
  • SEEK invites candidates who have provided your preferred response to verify via the SEEK Pass platform.
  • SEEK Pass checks the candidate’s evidence, usually ‘at source’ with the government or other authority.
  • Candidate gives permission for SEEK Pass to share their verified result with SEEK.

If you use SEEK Talent Search

SEEK Talent SearchGO

1. Go to SEEK Talent Search

Navigate to SEEK Talent Search through the SEEK Employer site or via your ATS.

2. Search for the credentials

Use the keyword filter in the search results to narrow down to those with your preferred credential. e.g. ‘Driver’s licence’. Available credentials
Verified Credential

3. Time to shortlist!

Look for thelabel to see candidates whose credentials have been verified by SEEK Pass.

What will I see?

On SEEK’s Advertiser Centre
On SEEK Talent Search

What can I verify?

Car Licence

Confirm you have a Car Licence.
Learn more

Dangerous Goods Endorsement

Confirm you have a Dangerous Goods Endorsement.
Learn more

Digital ID

ID verification made easy
Learn more

Forklift on Road Endorsement

Confirm you have a Forklift on Road Endorsement.
Learn more

Heavy Vehicle Licence

Confirm you have a Heavy Vehicle Licence.
Learn more

Motorcycle Licence

Confirm you have a Motorcycle Licence.
Learn more

Right to Work

Learn more


Learn more

Frequently asked questions

Do all candidates use SEEK Pass?

Is this available to all employers who post on SEEK?

Do I still need to do my own compliance checks?

What information will I see?

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