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Stand out on SEEK

Verify once to receive a SEEK Pass 'supertick'to stand out to employers on relevant jobs thereafter.Learn more

Secure by design

Purpose-built to verify, store and share credentials with security as our highest priority.Learn more

Privacy protected

Demonstrate your credentials to employers while keeping your sensitive information private.Learn more

Why should I verify my Workplace

Verifying your Workplace shows employers that you work where you claim to work. This can help to differentiate you from other candidates and give employers additional trust and greater confidence early in the hiring process.

How does it work?



Provide evidence of your credentials, which SEEK Pass then checks with the relevant authority or uses other suitable verification methods.



Once your verified result is available, you can share it on SEEK to enhance your job applications.


Stand out

If shared, employers using SEEK to manage applications will be able to see your verified credential for relevant past and future applications as a live feed.

SEEK Pass has an unique integration with SEEK to help you stand out when applying for jobs. And thanks to SEEK, you can verify and share your credentials at no cost to you.Learn more about verifying and sharing your credentials with SEEK.

What you’ll need to verify successfully

You will need access to your current work email address. A unique code will be sent to that email address, confirming that the email belongs to you.
We are unable to accept personal email addresses from providers such as Gmail, Hotmail and other web providers.

    What employers will see when sharing with Seek

    Upon accessing your shared SEEK profile, viewers will see your verified Workplace along with the SEEK Pass Supertick. Rest assured, no additional information will be disclosed.
      To protect your privacy, we do not share the original document, or sensitive information such as your date of birth, document number or ID photo.
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      Frequently asked questions

      Why should I verify?

      What do I need to provide?

      Who can I share my result with and where does my verified Workplace appear?

      My Workplace credential is 'In Review'. What does that mean and how long does it take to verify?

      Can I verify my past Workplace?

      Is it free to verify?

      How do you protect my information?

      To learn more, visit our Help Centre
      Ready to verify your Workplace? It’s free!See what else you can verify with SEEK Pass

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