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About SEEK Pass

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Addingreal-world trusttojob applicationson SEEK

SEEK Pass has helped over2.5 millionjob seekers tostand out on their meritsand provided over180,000 employerswith trusted information for faster, more confident shortlisting. Now we’re also making background checksandworkforce verificationeasier too.More people in the right job sooner? That’s what we love to see!

Trusted and secure

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  • Your digital career passport
  • Trusted and verified information
  • Securely share your credentials

Who we are

Certsy was founded in 2016 as a start-up within SEEK, Australia’s #1 employment marketplace.Based in Melbourne and Sydney, we have a talented, diverse and cross-functional team that is united by a genuine passion for helping people manage and share their credentials in a trusted and secure way.As a separate yet deeply connected business, Certsy is proud to be part of the SEEK family. Working together, we deliver unique value to employers and job seekers by unlocking the power of trusted information.
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By the numbers

Over2.5 millionusers
About4.7 millioncredentials verified
Visible to over180,000employers on SEEK
Founded in2016by SEEK

Our vision for a trustworthy future

our visionOur credential passport is a convenient and trusted way to share important information in key life moments. It's highly secure yet usefully connected.
Today, SEEK Pass is transforming the hiring process with verified credentials on SEEK profiles and job applications. We also aim to simplify background checks, onboarding and workforce compliance with re-use of verified data.our vision push noti
our vision verified mobileIn the future, SEEK Pass could also streamline and add trust to other important parts of your life. Imagine re-using your verified information to simplify the process to rent a house, get a loan, prove your identity, take a course, etc.

Our journey so far

  • Early experiments
  • Created police check offering
  • Became ACIC accredited
  • Hired first employee
  • Hired small team
  • Defined product vision and strategy
  • Proved job seekers want to verify
  • Confirmed hirer interest
  • Launched new Certsy platform
  • Started verifying Right to Work
  • Integrated with SEEK
  • Partnered with Sidekicker
  • Grew the team 3x
  • Scaled up the SEEK integration
  • Added Driver’s Licence verification
  • Verified over 250,000 people
  • Added AHPRA Registration, Recent Police Check, Working with Children Check credentials
  • Launched first skill assessment
  • Grew team and shifted into multiple cross-functional squads
  • Added COVID-19 Vaccination credential
  • Improved design and accessibility
  • Launched Certsy Workplace
  • Started on a mobile app…
  • Launched mobile apps on iOS and Android
  • Added 5+ new verified credentials
  • Verifying all types of Australian tertiary education
  • AI-powered document detection
  • Launched in NZ
  • Launched Digital Identity verification
  • Grew to 2.5 million users
  • Added 22 new verified credentials

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